St Mary's Church - Bishopsbourne, Kent
St Mary's Church, Bishopsbourne is another church in Kent which has a connection to the Brockman and Drake-Brockman family. In the 1936 family book titled 'Record of the Brockman and Drake-Brockman Family' written by Brig. Gen. David Drake-Brockman, there is a photo (see page 148) of some ornate woodwork which was installed (circa 1936) to formalise the Brockman Chapel in St Martin's Church at Cheriton. Apparently, a recent Vicar of St Martin's, took it upon himself to remove this woodwork simply because he didn't like it, so it is now been partially restored in St. Mary's Church although, some parts of the original structure are in pieces at the back of the church. I'm reliably informed that if it wasn't for Rosemary Elliot (great granddaughter of Henry John Drake Brockman), who organised to have this moved from St Martin's Cheriton to St Mary's Bishopsbourne, then this woodwork would have been sent to the rubbish dump. We should all be very grateful that the parishioners of St Mary's have allowed some of this woodwork to be reinstalled in their church. During my visit to St Mary's in October 2006, I noticed that the church is being slowly restored by a dedicated team of volunteers so at least the Brockman and Drake-Brockman family members can still see this woodwork and hopefully, it will remain in this church for some time to come if it's not ever returned to Cheriton.
"Esse Quam Videri" - To be rather than to seem to be
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